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Travel Baseball Tournament Organizers and Tournaments in Ohio

Central Ohio Youth Baseball
Learn about the tournaments they support here.

Midwest Ohio Baseball
Several tournaments in the region are listed here.

Ohio USSSA Baseball
Ohio division of the USSSA who sanctions Youth Basbeall tournaments throughout Ohio.

Articles For Those New to Travel Baseball

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Choosing a Youth Travel Baseball Team
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Picking the Right Travel Baseball Team
By John Pinkman
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Overuse Injuries in Youth Baseball
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Pros and Cons of Parent Coaches and Being One Yourself
Parent coaches in travel baseball, good thing or bad thing? Is it a good fit for you?

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Where the Elite Kids Shouldn't Meet
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Sites, Organizations and Articles We Like

American Legion Baseball
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Dixie Youth Baseball
They play great baseball and players have an opportunity to play in tournaments and a league World Series. Find a team or start a franchise.

Babe Ruth League Youth Baseball
Great organization and great baseball. This is another option for youth baseball players to continue developing their skills. Start or find a charter here.

Travel Ball Select
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Game Changer
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Travel Baseball Teams in Ohio

MLB Players from Ohio

What do Scooter Gennett, Derek Holland, Adam Eaton, Nick Swisher, Matt Maloney, and Brian Bixler have in common? All were born in Ohio, and all made it to the major leagues. They are among 41 Ohio-born MLB players who are active in the pros.

Scooter Gennett

Second baseman Scooter Gennett was born May 1, 1990 in Cincinnatti. His dad was an associate professional baseball scout. Gennett notes that his dad was tossing him a baseball when he was a two-year-old ( Later, they would attend Reds games together; through discussion, Gennett's father taught him to be "a student of the game".

Gennett played in the infield on a successful Sarasota High School team. His team won the championship his sophomore year. Gennett was also involved with USSSA baseball briefly as a teen. He was drafted in 2009 in the 16th round (and might have gone higher if he wasn't expected to play college ball).

Gennett played in the minors for Nashville, Huntsville, and Brevard County. He got a chance to play in the All-Star Futures Game. He made his MLB debut in 2013 when he was 23.

Derek Holland

Pitcher Derek Holland was born in Newark in 1986. He also spent some time in Babe Ruth league. He played in high school but was not considered a star (

Holland went to a showcase camp in Arizona in 2005, and this helped him find a college-level team that wanted his talent: Wallace State Community College in Alabama. He headed off to community college... 600 or so miles from home.

It turned out to be a sound decision. The Wallace State team would make it to the junior college world series. Two people Holland played with in his community college days would also make the majors: Jake Elmore and Craig Kimbrel.

Holland was drafted in 2006 in the 25th round and headed to the minor leagues. He spent time with Clinton, Bakersfield, and Frisco. His major league debut came in 2009 when he was 22. It wouldn't be long before Holland would pitch in the World Series.

The Derek Holland Baseball Clinic is held one day a year. It helps Newark area elementary and middle school students develop the skills to play high school ball.

Nick Swisher

Outfielder Nick Swisher is a second generation major leaguer. He played several sports at Parkersburg High School. He opted to play baseball at Ohio State University even though there were more football teams showing interest. It was a good move as he earned Big Ten Freshman of the Year and was a first round draft pick in 2002 at age 21.

Between 2002 and 2004, Swisher worked his way through the minors, from the Class A Vancouver Canadians to the AAA Sacramento River Cats. His big league debut came in 2004.

Swisher will be remembered for more than just baseball. He released a children’s album called “Believe” with proceeds to go to charity. He once grew out his hair and donated it to a cancer charity in honor of the grandmother who raised him (and later succumbed to cancer).

Tomorrow's Ball Players

Youth sports can be instrumental in development, even for those who don't have major league talent. Attitude goes far. At 5'9, Scooter Gennett is shorter than the average baseball player. He has said, "If you're an infielder, the shorter you are, the closer you are to the ground to field the ball (”

The following advice may have broader application: “My best advice to younger players is to always try your best at everything you do,” he says. “Be coachable and learn as much as you can... Be a good sport and team player (”

But life isn't all sports. Gennett’s nickname doesn't come from anything sporty or wheeled. Once upon a time, when he was little, there was Sesame Street...

Travel Baseball Teams in Ohio

OBC Legion of Mayhem

  • Address: 5124 Shoemaker Road
    Ashley, OH 43003
  • Phone: 740-404-2165
  • Email:
  • Contact: Ed Reely
  • Website:
  • Ages: 16U
  • About Program: The OBC Legion of Mayhem a 16u travel baseball team will be having open tryouts Sunday, August 13th at 6pm. Weather permitting of course. We are rounding out a great 2017 season with an amazing group of parents and boys. We are hoping to add to this group of players with a couple of dedicated and talented players. We will play 20+ games and participate in 4-5 tournaments, one of which will be out state. . Any questions or to register for a private tryout can be emailed to or call/text 740-404-2165.

Creekside Fitness

  • Address: 476 Park DrK
    Campbelll, OH 44405
  • Phone: 330-719-0581
  • Email:
  • Contact: Ken Quinn
  • Website:
  • Ages: 14u,16u and 18u
  • About Program: The Creekside Fitness Baseball Organization of the Youngstown Ohio Class B League will conduct tryouts for it\'s 14u,16u and 18u 2018 teams.Contact Ken at 330 719-0581 for information.

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