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Travel Baseball Teams in Georgia

MLB Players from Georgia

Georgia has well over 60 MLB players. Those are the ones who are listed as currently active, not the countless players who have stepped from Georgia to MLB history. There are some big names, including Colby Rasmus, Buster Posey, Tim Hudson, Adam Wainwright, and Brian McCann.

Colby Rasmus

Colby Rasmus has the distinction of having been in two very different types of World Series: the Little League and the big league ( He pitched on the 1999 Little League World Series team; his Phenix City team had won the U.S. championship but lost in Japan.

Not so many years later, Rasmus was on another championship-winning team, this time playing for Russell County High School. An eighteen-year-old Rasmus was then picked in the first round of the 2005 draft.

Colby Rasmus played in the minors on the Class A Swing of the Quad Cities, AA Springfield Cardinals, and AAA Mempis Redbirds. Among his minor league achievements was being named best AAA player of the Pacific Coast League (

In 2009, Rasmus became a major leaguer: a St. Louis Cardinal. It was not unexpected. He had been named as a top major league prospect. In 2011, a trade took him from Cardinal to Bluejay -- for him a welcome switch (

Colby's father, a high school baseball coach, was a 10th round draft pick the year Colby was born. His younger brother, Cory, is also in the MLB. Their youngest brother, Casey, recently went on to the Cardinals roster after a couple years in the minors.

Tim Hudson

Tim Hudson enjoyed playing baseball as a boy, even when the games were played in cow pasture. He joined Little League, though he didn’t make it as far as Rasmus. He didn’t grow quite as tall either. He reportedly had a difficult time getting his coach to even try him as pitcher.

Hudson pitched for Glenwood High School in Phenix City. He went on to play for Chattahoochee Valley Community College and then for Auburn. He became a star player his senior year; his honors included being selected first-team All-American and Southeastern Conference Player of the Year.

Hudson was selected by the Oakland As in the 6th round of the 1997 draft. He played in the minors for South Oregon, Modesto, Huntsville and (finally) AAA Vancouver. His MLB debut came in 1999.

He founded the Hudson Family Foundation as a way of giving back to baseball and those that helped him along the way.

Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright was not only born in Atlanta; he was drafted by an Atlanta team. That was his dream when he was a kid and followed the Braves. Born in Brunswick in 1981, he learned baseball from a much older brother.

Wainwright played Little League as a child. In high school, he competed in football and baseball. A spurt in height reportedly helped seal his baseball future.

He made a tentative commitment to Georgia Tech, but took a different path when the Braves made him their 1st round draft pick in 2000.

Wainwright played in the minors for Macon, Myrtle Beach, and Greeneville before becoming a major leaguer. His MLB debut came in 2005 – unfortunately not as an Atlanta Brave, but as a St. Louis Cardinal. He was 24.

Tomorrow’s Ball Players in Georgia

Wainwright has said, "To be able to play—even if it was only in Spring Training—alongside guys I grew up idolizing was pretty neat to me (" A lot of kids have that dream; some, like Wainwright eventually get to say, “You know what? I’m a big leaguer now.” There's no doubt that Wainwright's height and athleticism helped, but so did his hard work.

Youth teams can lay a foundation. Rasmus, Hudson, and Wainwright all got their foundation in Little League. Brian McCann, Stephen Drew, and Matt Cobbs, also Georga-born MLB players, played travel ball.

As Tim Hudson has said, “My dad always told me to play hard and know that the people you're competing with and against are working just as hard or harder (”

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